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China has been promoting the energy conservation and emission reduction to address the serious situation of energy demand and supply. Waste heat recovery not only contributes to the energy conservation but also becomes a new growth point for enterprises. Currently, China boasts a rich wealth of waste heat resources but unfortunately in a low utilization. Roughly 60% of waste heat resources could be recycled to transfer. The waste heat recovery market is of enormously developing potential. During China-proposed 13th Five Year Plan, a series of specialized support policies for energy conservation and environmental protection have been unveiled, which greatly foster the innovative development of waste heat recovery industry.


Exhibition Scope

Waste Heat Recovery Equipment: exhaust gas receiver, heat exchanger, heater, heat radiator, desulphurization and denitrification equipment, dust remover, muffler, cooler, etc.


Waste Heat Power Generation: exhaust gas boiler, generator, exhaust gas power generation unit, turbo expander, screw expander, turboset, etc.


New Technology: pure low-temperature cogeneration,heat reclamation technique by heat pump, absorption refrigeration, waste water and heat recovery equipment, steam heating system, cooling unit, waste heat recovery of air conditioning and other accessories, etc.


Accessories: pipes, tubes, instruments and new materials, etc.