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Drying and drying operation are widely used in national economy development. China as the second largest economy upholds the biggest energy consume market. Against the backdrop of the national push for energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, it is high time to speed up the technical innovation, industrial reconstructing of drying industry, towards an international high standard.


China International (Guangzhou) Drying Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CDE 2019) as a thematic show of Heat China 2019 is of significant importance to fuel the application and innovation of drying technology by building a comprehensive trade platform. CDE 2019 is projected to be inaugurated during August 16-18, 2019 in China Import and Export Fair Complex, under the auspices of units including Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group and Guangdong Energy Conservation Association. The premier international drying event in Asia will be built, integrating exhibition, brand publicity, product promotion, channel development, market research, exchange and cooperation. 


Exhibition Scope

Drying Equipment for Pharmaceutical and Food: vacuum, boiling, freezing, spray granulation dryer; Rotation, blades, spin flash, fluidized bed dryer; Disc, rake, tube bundle, drum, belt dryer, etc; food and drug special oven, vacuum oven, drying sterilization oven, hot air circulation oven, tunnel oven, etc; extraction, concentration equipment; crushing, mixing, screening & conveying equipment, etc.


Drying Equipment for Cereals, Timber and Agricultural Products: heat pump grain drying tower; high-frequency drying equipment; wind stove, hot air drying equipment; heat pump dryer, high temperature dehumidifier, dehumidification drying machine, constant temperature and humidity machine, heat recovery equipment; mesh belt and tunnel drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, etc.


Drying Equipment for Environmental Protection and Chemical Materials: sludge drying complete sets of equipment; biological fermentation drying complete sets of equipment; refine chemical drying complete sets of equipment; thermal power petrochemical and other special industry drying complete sets of equipment, etc.


Drying Equipment for New Materials and Light Industry Production: hot stove, burning equipment, tunnel furnace, high temperature sintering box, industrial oven, UV curing machine, infrared drying equipment, electrode oven, blast oven, explosion-proof oven, nitrogen-filled oven, trolley oven, etc.


Large-scale Systems Integration: food, feed drying equipment and engineering; heat pump system engineering; dedicated drying room integration, plant fresh and drying equipment; solar hot air drying system; biomass energy engineering; automatic control system and professional supporting equipment, etc.


Related Equipment: power plant; cooling technology and equipment; Metal mesh belt, plastic tray and chain gearing equipment; temperature sensor, drying controller and other control panel; heat pipe, hot air blower, motor and compressed air system, etc.