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Heat treatment is a fundamental process and kernel technology in equipment manufacturing industry. A strong and advanced heat treatment may fulfill the goal of China being a manufacturing power. During China-proposed 13th Five Year Plan conducted during 2016-2020, an array of proposed guidelines have issued for industrial restructuring and optimization. In heat treatment industry, “Made in China 2025” program, Heat Treatment Industry Under 13th FYP, have made clear-cut development directions and goals, implementation measures to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of this industry.


Exhibition Scope

Heat Treatment Furnace:  atmosphere furnaces, cementation furnace, gas nitriding electric-furnace, aging oven, brazing oven, drying oven, vacuum furnaces, box-type furnace, push-rod furnace, pit furnace, car-type furnace, bell-type furnace, elevator-type furnace, etc.


Heat Treatment Production Line: production lines of annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, induction heat-treatment, chemical heat treatment, etc.


Heat Treatment Process Materials: heat conductive materials, refractory materials, fireproof materials, oven building materials, quenching agent, coatings, cleaning agents, anti-rust agent, etc.


Pipe heater, pipes, heating elements, electrothermal manufacturing equipment, electric heating equipment, etc.


Equipment or device for heat treatment and quality control, product test, mechanism-electron control technology, smart information management technology, etc.


Surface Treatment Equipment, Technology and Materials: high energy heat treatment, physical deposition, chemical deposition, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, microarc oxidation, etc.


Heat Treatment Accessories;


Equipment for electroplate, spray, coating, mould and smelt, etc.


Heat treatment processing service, technological development, consultancy and information service, etc.