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Heat exchange equipment have seen soaring demand due to the robust development of petroleum, chemical industry, steel and iron. Heat exchange equipment industry is playing an increasingly important role for its remarkable high performances in energy conservation, thermal efficiency, less heat transfer area, heat pressure drop, etc. Heat exchanger industry ushers in booming period leveraging on the growing construction of nuclear power stations, wind power plants, environmental protection engineering, and other sectors such as food production, pharmacy, chemical industry, etc. It is predicted by China Machinery Industry Federation that China’s heat exchanger industry in the following years will witness steady growth. Prior to 2020 the domestic market will keep 10%-15% average annual growth to CNY¥150 billion.


Exhibition Scope

Heat Exchange Equipment: plate heat exchanger, tubular hear exchanger, plate fin heat exchanger, adiabatic wheel heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger, pillow plate heat exchanger, fluid heat exchangers, graphite heat exchanger, ceramic heat exchanger, water-cooled heat sink, etc.


Heat Transfer Technology: thermal conduction, heat convection, phase charge, heat and mass transfer in porous media, radiation heat transfer, nano heat conductive materials, numerical simulation, measurement and display technology, etc.


Accessories: copper pipes, stainless tubes, finned tubes, heat exchange tubes, cooling tubes, heat pipes, insulator strings, sealing components, coatings, etc.


Manufacturing and Processing Equipment: burners, burning technology, industrial furnace, electric stoves, welding technologies, temperature control machines, heat exchange molds, all kinds of cleaning and testing equipment, manufacturing and processing technology, tester and monitor, etc.