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Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition(APBE) founded in 2012, is hailed as the “World Top Three Biomass Energy Exhibitions” on a par with European Biomass Conference and Exhibition(EUBCE) and Expo Biomasa. Since its inception, APBE has drawn more than 500 well-known brands and served over 100,000 domestic and oversea professional visitors.


APBE leaves a deep and indelible mark on bioenergy industry due to the increasingly booming of the Asia-Pacific biomass energy and consistently upgrade of globalization of APBE.


Exhibition Scope

Boiler & burners: various boiler, burner, steam generator, cooking and heating stove, etc.


Briquette fuels & equipment: biological material, energy grass, biomass pellets, briquette, solid fuels forming equipment and auxiliary products, including the equipment of transportation, material preparing, package, crushing, cutting, peeling, drying, pellet making, dust removal, etc.


Biomass gasification, heat supply, power generation equipment and auxiliaries


Biogas: biogas, and related auxiliary equipment to produce biogas, power generation, biogas compression, other biogass engineering.


Waste disposal equipment: biomass power generation, waste power generation, waste treatment, industrial exhaust gas, recovery of waste heat, etc


Liquid biofuel: biodiesel, fuel ethanol, enzymic preparations, biodiesel manufacturing equipment, etc


Straw Utilization: package machine, compactors, grinder, harvester, carbonization equipment, straw board manufacturer, straw building material and modular house, straw product, art and crafts, and so forth.


Auxiliary equipment: packing controller, bearing, press roller, grease, reduction box, fan, switch controller, mould, analysis instrument, heat exchanger, heater, dust remover, desulfurization equipment, etc.