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PV Guangzhou has been grandly held for consecutive 10 years and known as a significant trade platform for worldwide photovoltaic enterprises to promote business and brands. The show covers various sectors of photovoltaic industry, including PV cells, PV modules, PV inverters, photovoltaic raw materials, mobile energy, photovoltaic engineering and systems, photovoltaic production equipment, solar photovoltaic applications, and photo-thermal mixed power generation system. Concurrently, similar expos like Asia-Pacific Int’ l Wind Energy Technology & Equipment Exhibition (WEE) and Asia-Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition (APBE) will be staged together. Since the inception, the new energy shows have totaled at more than 200,000 square meters and attracted more than 1,000 enterprises, 80,000 visitors at  home and abroad. In 2018, PV Guangzhou welcomed over 60,000 visitors and 5916 international purchasers.

Exhibition Scope 
◆Production technology and research equipment
Photovoltaic cells: photovoltaic cell manufacturers, solar modules’ manufacturer, solar modules’ installation company.
Related PV components: batteries, chargers, controllers, converters, recorder, inverter, monitor, support systems, tracking systems, solar cables
PV raw material: silicon material, silicon ingots / silicon block, silicon, glass packaging, packaging film and other raw materials
PV project and system: photovoltaic systems integration, solar air-conditioning systems, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar testing and control system, solar heating systems project, solar and photovoltaic project management and process control software, as well as its program system.
◆Photovoltaic production equipment
Silicon rod silicon block silicon ingot production equipment: a full set of production lines, ingot furnace, crucible, growth furnace and other related equipment
Silicon wafer production equipment: a full set of production lines, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, and other related equipment
Battery production equipment: a full set of production lines, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion furnace and covered equipment / deposition furnace, screen printing press, other furnace equipment, test instrument and separator, battery plate other related equipment
Solar panels/modules production equipment: a full set of production lines, test equipment, glass cleaning equipment, tie lines / welding equipment, laminated machine
Film version of the battery production equipment: amorphous silicon cells, the copper indium gallium selenium battery CIS / CIGS, CdTe cadmium telluride film battery, battery DSSC Dye-sensitized
◆Solar products 
solar street lamp, lawn lamp, yard lamp, beacon lights, agricultural insecticide lamps, chargers, lights, traffic warning lights and other solar information display screen.
Photo-thermal mixed power generation system
A variety of solar thermal or PV collector system like parabolic trough collector, parabolic dish collector, power tower, etc; turbine, energy storage materials, hear storage equipment, heat exchanger, heat conduction oil, transfer line, tracking control system, test equipment, coating equipment, high temperature pump valve, thermal insulation materials, sensors, etc.