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Exhibition Scope
1. Boiler, Heating System, Combustion System
1)Various kinds of boilers: gas fired boiler, steam boiler, steam generator, biomass boiler, oil - fired boiler, industrial boiler, electric boiler, wall-hung stove, utility boiler, exhaust-heat boiler, coal-fired boiler, dual fuel boiler, vacuum boiler, cooking heating stove, etc.
2)Thermal systems, combustion systems, combustion equipment: heat and power cogeneration, thermal energy solution, intelligent heating system, thermal management systems, burner, combustion engine, boiler internet of things, boiler automation, combustion control system, central heating / heating solutions, monitoring equipment & systems, etc.
3)Boiler related equipment: auxiliary boiler, pressure vessel intelligent production equipment, machining equipment and production line such as welding , spraying , cutting and shearing plate.
2. Dry Equipment: dryers, dehumidifiers, hot blast stoves, heat pumps, warm air furnace, etc.
3. Heat pump: air source heat pump, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, heat pump drying equipment, heat pump hot water unit, heat pump air conditioner, heat pump hot and cold unit, heat pump heating unit, heat pump module unit, heat pump water heater, etc.;
4. Waste Heat Recovery and Utilization: equipment for waste heat recovery, power generation and new technology associated with waste heat recovery, boilers, etc.
5. Heat Treatment and Thermal Process: heat treating and processing equipment, thermal conductive materials, refractory materials, fireproof materials, industrial furnace, pipe heater, heating units, electrothermal manufacturing equipment, surface treatment / electroplating / spray / coating / moulding equipment, etc.
6. Heat Exchanger: all kinds of heat exchangers, heaters, radiators, heat collectors, etc.
7. Sustainable Energy Heating: solar energy, biomass energy, air energy, geothermal energy, etc.
8. Accessories: heating apparatus, fire grates, fans, controllers, injection moulding machines, pumps, valves, pipes, coal mills, coal feeders, slag manipulators, boiler water treatment equipment, desulfurizer equipment, dust remover, tail gas treatment equipment, etc.