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Exhibition Scope
Boiler and Combustion Equipment: all kinds of boilers, wall-hanging stove, combustor, boiler auxiliary machine and accessories
Drying equipment
Air energy heat pump and supporting equipment
Geothermal energy: geothermal heating technology & equipment, water source heat pump unit, ground energy air conditioner and related accessories
Biomass energy utilization products
Solar energy utilization products
HVAC, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, fresh air and supporting equipment
Waste heat recovery and utilization
Heat treatment, electric heating: heat treatment, thermal processing equipment, electric heating pipe, electric heating element and related equipment
Water heater, water purifier and ancillary equipment
Heat exchange and heat dissipation equipment and accessories
Smart control: sensors, thermostats, controllers, actuators and control systems
Heating & ventilation equipment: testing, measuring instruments, fans, pumps, valves, desulfurization / denitrification equipment, dust removal equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, insulation materials, fire (fire) materials, insulation materials, etc.